My Balkan Life – Talking to Vesna Kerkez from Mondo BiH.

My Balkan Life

Vesna Kerkez from the Balkan News Portal caught up with me recently to find out why I came (and stayed) in the Balkans and about Oksigen Radio (1999-2005).

I have known Vesna for many years and I had been putting off her requests for an interview for years.


Umm, I am not really sure to be honest but now seemed like the right time to just talk a little about my feelings about being “An Englishman in the Balkans” and My Balkan Life in┬ánorth west Bosnia and Herzegovina.

You wont hear anything contentious from me at all, as being a guest in the country, I really don’t feel it’s my place to criticise any of the myriad of dysfunctionality that is present in everyday life here.

After all, in my humble opinion, most of the problems today in Bosnia and Herzegovina are the consequence of mismanagement and stupidity by the international community anyway.

Whatever, I hope you enjoy the interview we did and I have turned it into a Balkan Adventures Podcast

If you can understand the languages of the western Balkans then you can find (and read), Vesna’s online article HERE.

My Balkan Life


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