My Life Re-Imagined.

My Life Re-Imagined

My Life Re-Imagined.

I am sat in the living room on a chilly (outside) Autumn Balkan evening.

The wood burner is taking the edge off the chill whilst creating that cosy, romantic feel that only crackling wood can create.

Maybe not too many people know, but I hit the age of retirement (UK wise), next February. That came around quicker than I thought.

I sort of “semi retired” when I returned to Bosnia and Herzegovina after a year in Afghanistan. That would be some 6 years ago.

During those years I have been fortunate to get some small project work that allowed me to afford a few luxuries, like new bits of tech (my micro drone for example) and amazing holidays with Tamara.

I have put lots of pressure on myself to sort of carve a small business out of talking about digital and social media and training those skills to people interested. 

It’s not been all that easy to find clients, and to be brutally honest, I don’t find it at all easy to determine what the monetary value is to what I offer.


That’s all about to be consigned to the past.

After a lot of thought. Planning, replanning and replanning again, I have decided to concentrate on having as much contentment that I can, as I start life’s downward slope.

What I had considered as business will now become a hobby. 

I love talking about my passions and I’ll continue to do that, and if a donation is offered, then it will be gladly accepted. 

If there’s nothing offered then so be it (as long as I am not out of pocket).

My blogging and vlogging about the Western Balkans (which is my main hobby), I am going to focus more on.

It’s now time to just relax more, worry about life less, try not to focus on money and be as helpful as possible whenever possible.

My life reimagined!

Let new adventures begin 🙂

My Life Re-Imagined.

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