My Montenegro.

My Montenegro.

My Montenegro.

Well, what a Difference a Day Makes.

Today is the 6th October.

Yes, early October in Montenegro can offer the weather without the crowds!

Yesterday was wonderfully warm.

Today though, it’s turned into one which is wet, cold, miserable and I think I can add the start of a dodgy stomach to cap it off.

My Montenegro.

So today I have been moaning about the rain (as I like to do) and everyone here laughs.

Why oh why does every non-Brit think that we Britons LOVE rain?

For those that follow my YouTube channel, yesterday was spent with Tamara, exploring the tiny, narrow streets that is the walled city of Kotor.

This is our third visit this year.

I would just like to point out that we AREN’T minted or well off. Just extremely fortunate to know someone who rents their rather large house in the shoreline village of Prčanj to us.

Montenegro for us, provides a change of scenery, but still in the Balkans.

The western Balkans offer such diversity in not only nature and landscapes but climate too. That’s why, for me, it is a truly special place to live.

I digress.

Some years ago we were great fans of the Istrian Islands (northern coastal area of Croatia). We would take our away breaks there, but since joining the European Union, Croatia has become unbelievably expensive.

Coming further “South” offers almost a similar experience, but at a considerably more comfortable price tag.


Prčanj and Kotor, October 2016

Admittedly, we have never done the “touristy” things on all our previous visits, preferring to either chill or continue our “digital nomad” lifestyle.

However, this time (weather permitting), we intend to get in the car and explore.

Our intent is to see:

Skadarsko jezero
and Cetinje.

Let’s see how we go.

As I write this I have gone to bed early with the “shivers” and wearing my socks as well!

My Montenegro.

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