The New Zagreb Airport

New Zagreb Airport

New Zagreb Airport.

Thursday. 0830. Coffee, Krafna and SMOKE, in the coffee bar adjacent to the Bus station in Zagreb.

I still maintain that if Smoking was an Olympic sport, then the Western Balkans would be Gold medal winners all the time.

Anyway. Whatever. There’s nothing I can do to change this.

New Zagreb Airport

I am on my way back home from a hyper short visit to Skopje where I conducted some Digital Media training.

New Zagreb Airport

I like flying so my occasional trips away are mainly enjoyable.

This trip was the first for me from the recently opened  new terminal at Zagreb Airport.

New Zagreb Airport

The airport has been renamed to Franjo Tuđman Airport and the architecture is quite stunning, especially compared to what was.

The facilities are now state of the art with a range of eateries for travellers, a larger Duty Free, wider pedestrian access and, in my opinion a more streamlined customer experience.

New Zagreb Airport

For anyone arriving at Zagreb Airport again after 6 months or more since the previous visit, you’ll be in for more of a shock rather than a surprise.

Pleasant one.

My Top new feature?

FINALLY Free WiFi across the entire Airport!

New Zagreb Airport

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