Novi Sad | Vojvodina

Novi Sad

I have just spent two and a half days away, on a training trip to help another Englishman, who now lives in Novi Sad, (the capital of the Vojvodina province) in northern Serbia.

I don’t make as many visits as I should to Serbia, and in the past, those infrequent trips have been to Belgrade.

This provincial city is simply amazing in my opinion.

Wonderful architecture in the city centre (from a long Austro-Hungarian history), restaurants and local delicacies to satisfy every palette, and landscapes that help to create super sunrises and sunsets.

My micro visit didn’t allow as much exploration as I wanted but here are some pics and vidz to give the flavour of things.

I will definitely make more of an effort in the future to get back to Serbia AND Novi Sad.

Novi Sad

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