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Today is August 14th 2016.

I intentionally blanked out this past week in my diary, as I had an old acquaintance I met over 10 years ago in Hong Kong, Ivan B, stopping by for training in online broadcasting.

I sort of decided that any distractions such as my daily Facebook LIVE videos, potential Vlogging, posting on Instagram, worrying about if I ever will own a drone, in fact any of my usual “weird activities”, would get in the way of an intense 3 day session I had put together.

I failed with Instagram by the way (BTW).

Anyway, before you listen to the podcast below, which tells the story of this past week (and what Ivan is trying to achieve), I just wanted to paint a picture, so to speak, of why I love radio (in almost all its forms).

I grew up as a young teenager, seriously influenced by the 3 year phenomenon that “Pirate Radio” created across the UK between 1964-67.

OK it carried on after those years in various forms, but the heydays were just those 3 short years.

I loved listening to the latest music and the irreverent and rebellious DJ’s telling the story of their daily lives on either old rusty ships or other marine structures outside the territorial waters surrounding the British Isles.

online broadcasting

Radio is the theatre of the mind and I just couldn’t get enough of the content that was being broadcast.

I even went to sleep most nights listening to a transistor radio (anyone remember those?) under my pillow.

60’s Pirate Radio made an impact on my entire life (it still does).

However like all good, free thinking and exciting things, they must be made to end.

And the control freaky, lefty, Labour Government of the time, certainly felt that anything not under their control should be made illegal.

So they passed the relevant laws which came into effect at midnight on Monday August 14th 1967.

Politically, I never forgave (or will I ever), the Labour Party.

I digress.

As I listened to the various offshore radio stations close down throughout that day, I can’t really remember thinking about what I might be doing or where I might on a future August 14th.

49 years on to the day I am allowing myself to “drift back” and to get nostalgic (as I do on an annual basis).

I am also scheduling some audio “into the cloud” to support Ivan B’s online radio project in between writing this post and feeling the same passion for radio today, as I did listening to watery wireless almost 50 years ago.

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Online Broadcasting, Offshore Radio, Bosnia and Uganda.

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