Getting Plastered in Prčanj, Montenegro.

Plastered in Prčanj

Getting Plastered in Prčanj, Montenegro.

I checked the definition for the word “Plastered”.

The first result gave: drunk = being in a temporary state in which one’s physical and mental faculties are impaired by an excess of alcohol.

Just thought you might like to know that.

We have planned our month long “retreat” to Prčanj, Montenegro for quite some time.

Some nice long walks, photography and video missions, exploring new places to eat, getting up late and of course drinking lots of cold, draught Nikšićo beer.

What we didn’t foresee was Tamara’s love of the sea and her wish to see how warm the water was before she swam.

Result? she slipped on some algae and seriously twisted her knee (not to add that her iPhone 6 plus is also a casualty).

We rested her leg as much as possible and the usual “self help” remedies but after 6 days the pain was still there and mobility not too good at all.

So, off to the clinic which referred us to the hospital in Risan on the other side of the lake some 30 minute drive away.


As you can see Tamara now has a “half cast” on her leg.

She’s still not mobile and the discomfort is still rather acute.

At least no broken bones and no torn ligaments, rather a strained ligament.

Another week of “confined to barracks” before back to Risan for a check-up.

Check back for updates.

Getting Plastered in Prčanj, Montenegro.

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