Preparing for Winter

Preparing for Winter

Preparing for Winter in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

October and November are no behind us and the fruit from the local gardens and orchards have been distilled in various forms of rakija.

The Bell Peppers, chillies, cabbages and other soft vegetables have been pickled and now lie in large barrels in outhouses.

It’s now the time for year in the rural areas of the country, for animals to be slaughtered and their meat dried, smoked or salted for use during the cold winter months that are to come.

It seems to me at least, that each family has its own “secret” when it comes to curing the meat.

Normally, the tips and tricks employed are passed down, verbally, from generation to generation.

It’s also, in a way, become ritualised.

Some cuts and joints will be frozen.

Sausages will be produced.

A sizable amount of “pork scratchings” will come from the fat of the animal.

And the quality cuts will be sent away for curing.

In real terms, absolutely nothing will go to waste.

Preparing for Winter

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