Pyramids in Central Bosnia and Herzegovina

Pyramids in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Pyramids in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

There has been a lot, both said and written, about the discovery, back in 2005, of pyramids in the Visoko area of central Bosnia and Herzegovina.

I mean, aren’t Pyramids supposed to be just in Egypt?

It looks to me at least, that there is no “middle view” concerning the idea that Bosnia in fact might have pyramids.

People seem to dismiss such a thing as a fraud at worst or as a place with measurable healing properties at best.

What started as an archaeological project has, in effect, turned into a more scientific project.

Living in a country where envy, jealousy and scepticism are practiced on an almost daily basis as a Bosnian version of shadenfreude, I have learned to ignore the hype (positive and negative) and to see things for myself. With my own eyes so to speak.

So this past week, Tamara, myself and our two house guests, Andreas and Sylvia, drove to Visoko to find out.

My guests had been before and actually waxed lyrical about the positive aspects of the area where the pyramids are.

Tamara and I had an open mind.

Pyramids in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Not long after arriving at the site of the pyramids, we were pleasantly surprised to meet Semir Osmanagić, the man who discovered and introduced the pyramids to the world back in 2005.

The opportunity to sit down with Semir and to find out more about this unique project, first hand, was too good to ignore.

I interviewed Semir for our “Balkan Adventures Podcast”.

After the  interview was completed it was off for an hour’s tour, exploring the tunnels and getting the most amazingly informative tour from our guide, Haris.

After exploring the tunnels, it was off to hike a bit, to see the area from the top of one of the pyramids.

We returned home definitely on the positive side of any discussion but with still a ton of questions and thoughts.

Bosnian Pyramids

Click on the image above to see a gallery from our visit.

Pyramids in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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