Visiting Rama Lake in Herzegovina.

Rama Lake

Rama Lake in Herzegovina.

Tamara and I have made a conscious decision to be more like tourists when travelling around the Western Balkans (whether that be in our local area or wider afield).

We’ve always seemed to drive through places, talked about them fondly, but never actually stopped, got out of the car, looked around, experienced the moment and made memories.

Take for example driving to and from Montenegro.

We’ve driven through the stunning scenery in the area around Prozor and looked down on the Rama Lake so many many times.

Beautiful views.

Rama Jezero (Lake)

But never stopped. Until this trip.

Rama Lake actually isn’t a Lake in the accepted term but one of the most beautiful Reservoirs in Herzegovina.

On one of its banks is a very pleasant Franciscan Monastery, near the small town of Prozor (the Monastery is clearly signposted).

And that’s where we parked and took an hour to take in the breath taking beauty of the most northern part of Herzegovina.

We’ve already said we will visit again and to give you feel, please enjoy our vlog

Visiting Rama Lake in Herzegovina.

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