Re-Writing History

Re-Writing History

Re-Writing History.

Walking around the streets in many villages, towns and cities of the former Jugoslavija, there remain testimonies or reminders of history.

Plaques (like this one in #banjaluka and related to September 1941), often describe the actions or events particular to that area.

Living history, if you will.

A sad fact of life for me as both a foreigner here and also as someone with a keen interest in history, is this ever growing trend across the region of the “re-writing” of events to suit modern day political narratives.

Lying about historic realities is both morally and ethically corrupt.

Historic events and the ability to face them (if they are unpleasant) and learn from them, makes a community both wiser and stronger (in my naive opinion).

I feel glad and inquisitive every-time I see a plaque like this.

Re-Writing History.

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