How to Set Up Really Simple Blogging

Really Simple Blogging

I have been giving some thought recently about an extremely simple way to blog, (Really Simple Blogging), with as least hassle as possible, and as cheap as possible.

There are many people who would like to blog, but find that using even simple platforms like WordPress or even Blogger, daunting.

So maybe this idea might work for you if you feel blogging “is all to difficult”.

Really Simple Blogging
I have, for some years, been experimenting with and Evernote.

Really Simple Blogging
A great many people use Evernote as a productivity tool, are comfortable using it (after getting confidence) but are unaware that it can actually integrate as a simple, basic blog.

To create a blog using Evernote, you need to open an account with

The platform is free but for a small monthly fee you can have 5 accounts and access to some simple themes. has a blog that is helpful should you find the set up confusing (but it’s simple very simple) and also a cool FAQ.

If you want to use a custom domain that’s easy to integrate too.

Integrating and Evernote is a simple click on an icon.

Blog posts are created in notes inside a default notebook established during the integration process.

Text is written as you would for a normal “Evernote” note.

Images can be taken on the device you are using and imported into posts. Like this:

Really Simple Blogging
Sadly there is no way at the moment to insert directly, video recorded on the mobile device.

I am also looking at how to use the inbuilt voice memo in Evernote to create basic, unedited (raw) podcasts that can be inserted very easily.

Your blog won’t win awards for design or technical production but then again, it’s all about the content and if your content is compelling and meaningful, you can’t help but be effective, thereby, successful.

This post was totally produced on my mobile device while crashed on the couch.

Really Simple Blogging

My Blog set up at

The blog itself took 30 minutes to set up from scratch including opening accounts and getting a domain name.

I hope this helps, if you want to start blogging but are worried about the techy bits.

If you have any questions then drop them in the comments box below.

Have Fun!

This post is my own opinion and the content has NOT been sponsored by Evernote or

Really Simple Blogging

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