Rugby Union in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Rugby Union in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Rugby Union in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Earlier today I was crashed on the couch in my office taking a “creative break”.

I have a series of video tutorials to produce and just when I needed to dive in and get cracking, poof!! my mind goes blank and ………… (It happens).

So at times like these, I find it’s simply best to just take the mind off the task in hand, relax and let the mind wander.

For some reason I thought about rugby union and how Croatia was being quoted as an upcoming “smaller nation”.

A few seconds of search on YouTube, I find that Bosnia and Herzegovina (ranked 83rd in the world), also look as if they too have a reasonable team.

Next season then I have a regional focus for my rugby.

Not only UK TV where I can watch (at least) the 6 nations, there might also be a possibility to watch some live games too.

Who would have thought?

Any of my followers here from the Balkans also rugby union enthusiasts?

This is the game between BIH and Finland played in Zenica last April (2015).

Rugby Union in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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