Sarma. “Traditional Winter Food”.


Sarma. “Traditional Winter Food”.

It’s 06 December, and today’s focus is packing for my flight tomorrow back to the UK.

I am going back for an early Christmas catch up with my family (my children are coming back from around the world) and also to see my mum.

The plan is that on the 11th, we’ll do the “Full Monte” as far traditional food is concerned (Turkey, stuffing, Christmas pudding etc etc) before returning to our respective countries of residence for actual Christmas.

Here in the Balkans there’s a definable “shift” in what people eat at what season.

Autumn and Winter for example, sees the arrival of “Sarma” at mealtimes (more info HERE)

I think Sarma is best described as a delightful pickled cabbage roll, stuffed with a spicy meat filling.

Every lady in the region here has her own twist on the recipe, so it’s very difficult to point to a specific recipe.

Last year Tamara made a video of how she makes her version.

Please enjoy and maybe try it yourself?

We would love to hear how you got on.

Sarma. “Traditional Winter Food”.

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