Sataraš. A traditional Vegetable Stew.


Sataraš is a light stew, normally made of paprika, tomatoes, onions and condiments.

After yesterdays miserable headache and having to lie down all day, I have been playing catch up today.

Tamara has been creating tastiness in the kitchen.

This light stew is normally made with paprika, tomatoes, onions and condiments.

It goes great on top of potatoes, or on the side and with meat such as roasted pork.

I love the twists that Tamara does when she makes it for us.

It’s name comes from Hungarian: szataras, and the dish is popular throughout the whole of South-Eastern Europe.

We’ve also some guests this weekend, so a bit of operation “tidy up” going on.

Sataraš. A traditional Vegetable Stew.

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