Saturday Pivo in the Village on a Hot Weekend.

Saturday Pivo

Saturday Pivo in the Village.

I thought that you might like to join me as I restock on pivo (beer) from my local kiosk here in the village.

I have to say that only having to pay something like £6.40 for a crate of 20 bottles is something I could never experience back in the UK.

Please excuse the poor microphone quality. I’ll put it down to the extreme heat we have here rather than a problem with my phone.

My camera mount also wasn’t performing at its best so maybe the rawness of the footage might add something to the experience?

Rural views in north west Bosnia and Herzegovina for you today :).

Anyway, Enjoy!

Music in todays video is:

Jellyfish in Space by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license 



Saturday Pivo in the Village. /span>

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