Hristos se rodi – Serbian Orthodox Christmas

Serbian Orthodox Christmas

Serbian Orthodox Christmas.

Its the 7th of January. Christmas Day in the Serbian Orthodox Church Calendar.

We are in Banja Luka at Tamara’s parents apartment.

Its just past midday and we are just about to break Česnica, traditional Christmas Bread.

The table is set for Christmas Lunch.

Serbian Orthodox Christmas

Everything is home made.

Nothing, apart from the wine, whiskey and pivo, comes out of cartons or packaging.

6 courses.

Here we go!

Todays Menu:

Susena peka.

Home made chicken Soup.


Corn Muffins.

Roast Pork
Russian Salad.
Pickled vegetables.
Russian Eggs.

Homemade cakes:
London Strangle.
Ledene kocke.

Serbian Orthodox Christmas

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