Siblings Home Caversham – Quirky and Quality.

Siblings Home

Siblings Home Caversham – Quirky and Quality.

This short visit to the UK is based in Caversham and Reading (in Berkshire). Some people will say it’s the same place, but in reality it isn’t. The River Thames separates the two locations and people who live on either side of a river never rarely seem to get on.

It’s my youngest daughter’s birthday today (she’s a mum with young children) and we have
decided to have a light lunch at an amazingly quirky, personable, little café near the centre of Caversham.

“Siblings Home” is situated in Hemdean Road and is simply a great place to relax, serves great coffee as well as tasty snacks and desserts that are prepared fresh on site.

Siblings Home - Quirky and Quality.

I am not the greatest coffee expert in the world (or even most adventurous), but the double macchiato I had today was just perfect.

Siblings Home - Quirky and Quality.

Years ago during a brief visit to Cyprus I was introduced to hallumi cheese. I sorted of loved to eat it then so much that even today, when the opportunity arises, I simply have to eat it.

Today’s sandwich of choice for me was the Hallumi, Red Pepper and Pesto.


Siblings Home - Quirky and Quality.

Should you ever be in the Caversham area and need a light snack or somewhere to chill for a bit without hassle, then I highly recommend Siblings Home +44 7956 567872.

I can assure you, nothing is too much trouble for them.

This is not a Sponsored Post.

Siblings Home Caversham – Quirky and Quality.

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