My Simple Podcasting Setup for Bloggers.

Simple Podcasting

My Simple Podcasting Setup for Bloggers.

I have been asked on a number of occasions what I use to create my podcasts.

The short video above, explains the minimalist rig I have put together.

It produces quality audio as well as being highly mobile.

The following kit is available from amazon and to be honest is extremely inexpensive.

Although I have my iPhone 6+ on a stand with a Red “Pop” shield, I also have my “studio” set up using the following equipment.

The mixer is used only to power my sound system these days

The mic is an Apogee MiC

The mic arm is Neewer Microphone Suspension Scissor Stand

The swivel pop shield is Neewer Studio Microphone Screen Recording

The pop shield on the apogee is QTX 188 013 Microphone Windshield Assorted

My Simple Podcasting Setup for Bloggers

My iPhone clips on to the desktop mic stand that comes with the apogee mic

The app is BossJockStudio available in the iOS store.

If you are starting out (or want to start out) with podcasting this could be an easy, cost effective entry level rig.

But there are many options .


My Simple Podcasting Setup

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