Skiing and Snowboarding in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


In these episodes of the Balkan Adventures Podcast, I find out about Skiing and Snowboarding on theĀ Jahorina Mountain.

I talk to ski and snow board instructors, and to some of the people who use the mountain for ski holidays.

I also find out that learning to “board” is a relatively easy thing to do.

At least thats what one of the instructors says.

So, I am planning to go back to Jahorina at the start of the next season to give it a go šŸ™‚

To find out how you can experience a cost effective snow holiday, check out:Ā Ski Sarajevo

Disclaimer: This podcast has not been sponsored in any way.

Jahorina and Sarajevo March 2017

Snowboarding in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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