A Solution for Micro-Blogging in the Balkans | Part 1.

Solution for Micro-Blogging

A Solution for Micro-Blogging Part 1.

My blog here at “An Englishman in the Balkans” is directed at a niche readership.

It’s not a tourist or travel blog, it doesn’t focus on the politics and civil society issues of the region in fact, I suppose it’s a mash up documentary of my lifestyle through “life-casting”.

I started the blog, to open up the western Balkans (in a less formal way) to my friends and acquaintances so they could see what I was up to now I no longer live in the United Kingdom.

I have to admit that I started, stopped, restarted and stopped again (many times), so much so, that the blog didn’t seemed to have any logic to its structure at all.

I hope it has some now?

Anyway, it became apparent that a lot of my posts were concerned or connected to the immediate area where I live, rather than the region in general.

I find it immensely important that I don’t get caught up as favouring one ethnic group here in Bosnia and Herzegovina over another.

That might seem childish to some readers but the reality here is far from that. Browse the comments on my YouTube channel to see what I mean.


How to blog about the region AND my immediate area WITHOUT seeming divisive in any way.

I live in a village near the town of Laktaši, to the north of Banja Luka, by the way.

That solution eluded me for quite sometime until I started a 12 week online blogger course. This question was discussed and the solution is “Micro-Blogging”

“Micro-Blogging” is an extreme version of having a niche.

Basically, as far as I am concerned, it’s a blog within a blog.


So you’ll see the “Banja Luka Blog” tab on my main menu.

I registered a new domain name too.

I can now blog stress free (with luck) about the villages, towns and cities where I spend most of my life and where I get to enjoy new experiences.

Hopefully these posts won’t confuse readers who are expecting a wider “Balkan” feel to my blog.

To maintain this “micro-blog” I have set up my Evernote account in such a way as to be able to create and publish content all from my mobile device.

Part 2 of this post will show you the set up I have built to do it.

A Solution for Micro-Blogging Part 1

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