Speed Geeking in Tbilisi.

Speed Geeking in Tbilisi

I am a total convert to Speed Geeking. Let me tell you why.

I love the lifestyle I have.

Although I am effectively “retired” (does that make me a pensioner?), I am able to continue how I spent my “working” life, and that was being paid to indulge in my hobbies.

I am a lucky man indeed.

I have always leaned towards the more “techy” and geeky side of the media.

Speed Geeking in Tbilisi

And since the onset of this current “digital” revolution, (2007 for me), have been fascinated with the development of tools to create audio and video content.

Especially at the current time when I see how developments to the power of the mobile device, can drive not only creation of content but also instant publication and distribution.

I was recently approached to contribute to a two day training session being held in Tbilisi.

Speed Geeking in Tbilisi

Tech Camp Georgia was to be an environment where journalists and media activists could come together to share and learn.

To “cut to the chase”, I was asked if I could offer some training and input in the area of audio content creation and podcasting.

Arriving at the training venue on the first morning I met my fellow trainers (real experts in their fields) as well as the “participants” who came from Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Montenegro, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Speed Geeking in Tbilisi

The “training programme” set out for Tech Camp was ambitious and challenging. It was certainly not a “cruise along” at your own pace event.

And to set the scene, the first activity was “Speed Geeking”, where participants in small groups, moved between the 11 trainers who had 5 minutes each to pitch a tech tool that they (the trainer) introduced.

Speed Geeking in Tbilisi

I introduce podcasting from your hand held device using the BossJockStudio app

The tool I introduced was BossJockStudio that you can get HERE.

Fast, furious and tiring, but so so effective.

I wonder on reflection, if Speed Dating has ever come close as the effectiveness of our micro Speed Geeking sessions.

As I said it set the scene for the training sessions, and for me?

Well I hope that some of Tech Camp Georgia’s participants see how easy it is to create dynamic and powerful audio content that can be consumed in a world that is moving at a faster, multi-tasking pace.

If you would like to find out more about how easy it is to create mobile audio or video content, or even how to “Speed Geek” then please get in touch.

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360 image courtesy of Samaruddin Stewart

Speed Geeking in Tbilisi

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