Spring Pruning.

Spring Pruning

Spring Pruning.

The thing is this.

I am not the greatest fan of the cold.

It reminds me too much of the wet, damp, miserable weather I remember of my early childhood winters back in London.

Winters here in the western Balkans can be, at times, extremely cold (think minus 20) and very very snowy!

I don’t believe in wishing any part of my life away, but I must admit to wanting spring to arrive at the earliest opportunity.

And today it has!

That arrival is the signal for a scurry of activity here in the village as the “deadwood” of last season is┬ácut back and burned.

The ground is being prepared for planting, agricultural equipment is coming out of its winter hibernation.

So today, we are sat outside, in the sun, enjoying + 23 Celsius (albeit with a slight breeze), and my body is celebrating this warmth.


My beautiful Balkan Blue skies are back.

Contentment plus!!

Spring Pruning

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