starting to blog again.

Starting to Blog Again.


I am really happy you have stopped by.

This domain name I have had now for some years and has been the place where I have tried to launch a blog about my life in the Western Balkans.

Like many people, the aim of blogging all goes wrong within a few weeks and then anything gets dumped on the pages.

To be honest, I have started and failed at least twice before.

I am determined this time to really give this blog my best shot.

As I write, I have been on “Retreat” (well I like to think of it as a retreat) here in Montenegro, with my partner Tamara, for some 15 days. Another 16 to go!

Living in a house that we have been able to use and that has superb views of Europe’s southernmost Fjord, from our balcony, is an amazing experience and let’s me have time to think, take stock, refocus.

I really do class myself as a very lucky man indeed.

Decision taken.

This blog then is relaunched and hopefully will give you a glimpse into my experiences as “An Englishman in the Balkans”.

I am not promising to post everyday to start with but just want to see what I can comfortably achieve.

It would be great to have you along and even more great to get you views and thoughts on what I post.

I would also love to answer any questions you might have about the area that was formally Jugoslavija.

Time to crack on!

Wish me Luck?

starting to blog again.

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  1. Douglas Keel

    Hi David
    We plan to do a day trip to Montenegro from Dubrovnik by a rental car. I do not believe we have to register but are we liable to pay the tourist tax (may amount to the same thing?)

  2. Hi Douglas,

    No worries with registration for a day or even 2 day trip. Any tourist tax would be part of your accommodation charges. Hope this helps? Thanks for dropping by here on the blog.



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