Storytelling in Montenegro.


Storytelling in Montenegro.

In Kotor in the early afternoon, where everyone seems to be hiding from the sun (sensible and clever people these Montenegrins).

I am waiting for something I have ordered from the apoteka to arrive, so chilling for 2 hours in my fave coffee bar in the old town.

My table has a glass top and the reflection today is interesting so just had to snap that memory in time.

I have slowly started to forget.

It’s inevitable. I know that!

I am also sure that when I get slightly older than I am at the moment, that the memories will either fade or merge into another, thus losing reality.

Memories will turn into just any old story.

I want to remember for as long as possible and then when it all “goes west” to have something like Instagram (or whatever replaces it as the platform of the moment) to be my “old folks flashcards”.

How do you plan to tell your stories to future generations?

BTW my fave coffee bar is “Evergreen”.


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