Cool Banja Luka Street Art in Borik.

Banja Luka Street Art in Borik.

Street Art in Borik.

What’s your take on “Street Art”? on “Graffiti”?

Well Banja Luka is becoming a “go to place” when it comes to street art. Now I didn’t know that.

Banja Luka Street Art in Borik.

I sometimes feel that when Tamara and I drive around Banja Luka (and indeed the country), we haven’t a clue what is going on around us. That we are so unaware of our surroundings.

That sounds crazy.

We are both digital geeks and surf the web and social networks constantly and actually pride ourselves on being “up to date”. On being “with it”.

A good example of what I mean is this.

Last week we hosted our good friend from the UK, Bruce and his daughter. Bruce loves the country, he worked in Sarajevo for a while, and when he gets a chance, likes to come and see how things are changing/developing. We try, as well, to widen his cultural awareness and this time when we were offered some tickets to watch an international handball match, we gave them to Bruce.

Handball, together with basketball and water polo are national pastimes here (as rugby is to Wales).

Banja Luka Street Art in Borik.

We duly dropped him and his daughter at the venue and as Tamara and I drove away through Borik, we noticed a man on a “cherry picker” painting a huge mural on one of the rather drab, Titovian buildings that house most of Banja Luka’s inhabitants.

It looked impressive, if just a little scary, and my first thought was, “has he got permission to do this”?

Yesterday on our way home, I suggested to Tamara that we take another look.

We’ve made a short video so you can see too.

The man in that cherry picker, high in the sky and painting away, I since found out, was part of the Polish street-art duo Etam Cru. They are in Banja Luka at the moment, contributing to the Flaster Street Art Festival.

It seems that Banja Luka street art is important to the city fathers (in a way).

Banja Luka Street Art in Borik.

Banja Luka is the first city in the former Yugoslavia who have hosted Etam Cru, and this mural in Borik has already appeared on international art portals.

There’s more to come too. In a few weeks another building will be “decorated”. This time by artists from Bulgaria.

Banja Luka Street Art in Borik.

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If you are a Street Artist in the Balkans (or considering visiting the region) then why not drop by Banja Luka and enjoy these huge “canvasses”

Banja Luka Street Art in Borik.

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