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The River of Love | The Raška River in Novi Pazar

The River of Love

The River of Love. She has rightfully earned her title as the “River of Love”, the River Raška in Novi Pazar. There aren’t many riversides sporting as many love messages… Read More

The Klašnice Bridge

The Klašnice Bridge

The Klašnice Bridge. A few images taken of the bridge, from the banks of the river Vrbas at Klašnice, from my DJI Spark Drone. The bridge by the way is… Read More

The Balkan Bacon Butty

Bacon Butty

The Balkan Bacon Butty. I was watching one of my favourite YouTube channels (“Wiltshire Man”), this morning, pre breakfast. Anyway, as usual, it was an amazingly informative and entertaining video.… Read More

A Week in a Heatwave

A Week in a Heatwave

A Week in a Heatwave. I read on the BBC site that the recent heatwave hitting Southern Europe has been called “LucIfer”. How very apt. So I am sat drinking… Read More

Dubioza Kolektiv – Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Most Relevant Band


I recently managed to do something that I’ve been trying to do for quite a considerable amount of time. Years ago I stumbled across a band here in Bosnia and… Read More