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Visiting the Waterfalls at Krupa na Vrbasu

krupa na vrbasu

Krupa na Vrbasu. We visit the waterfalls and the small traditional mills in Krupa na Vrbasu, a village located some 25kms south of Banja Luka. We stopped by the monastery… Read More

Re-Writing History

Re-Writing History

Re-Writing History. Walking around the streets in many villages, towns and cities of the former Jugoslavija, there remain testimonies or reminders of history. Plaques (like this one in #banjaluka and… Read More

A Belgian Mountain Biker in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Belgian Mountain Biker

Belgian Mountain Biker in Bosnia and Herzegovina. On this episode of the vlog and podcast, I talk to Jelle, who is a Belgian Mountain Biker and now lives in Konjic… Read More