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Jajce | Bosnia’s Ancient Capital.

Bosnia's Ancient Capital

Bosnia’s ancient Capital. Views of the ancient walled city of Jajce. Jajce was the capital of the Kingdom of Bosnia in the 14th century. Jajce is situated in the mountains,… Read More

The River of Love | The Raška River in Novi Pazar

The River of Love

The River of Love. She has rightfully earned her title as the “River of Love”, the River Raška in Novi Pazar. There aren’t many riversides sporting as many love messages… Read More

The Klašnice Bridge

The Klašnice Bridge

The Klašnice Bridge. A few images taken of the bridge, from the banks of the river Vrbas at Klašnice, from my DJI Spark Drone. The bridge by the way is… Read More