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The Funky Guerrilla Story.

Funky Guerrilla Story

The Funky Guerrilla Story. The story (so far), told by co-founder Predrag Borojević, about an innovative startup from Gradiška in the north of Bosnia and Herzegovina. I caught up with… Read More

Christoph Baumgarten from Balkan Stories Dot Net

Balkan Stories

Balkan Stories. As a Blogger/Vlogger it can sometimes be a bit lonely, trying to come up with topics and ideas for future content, either as Blog Posts or Vlogs for… Read More

Start Ups and Bosnia and Herzegovina

Start Ups and Bosnia and Herzegovina

Start Ups and Bosnia and Herzegovina In this episode of our podcast, I find out from Predrag Borojević, about how a small Start Up from Gradiška in the very north… Read More

Visiting the Waterfalls at Krupa na Vrbasu

krupa na vrbasu

Krupa na Vrbasu. We visit the waterfalls and the small traditional mills in Krupa na Vrbasu, a village located some 25kms south of Banja Luka. We stopped by the monastery… Read More

Re-Writing History

Re-Writing History

Re-Writing History. Walking around the streets in many villages, towns and cities of the former Jugoslavija, there remain testimonies or reminders of history. Plaques (like this one in #banjaluka and… Read More