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Visiting Rama Lake in Herzegovina.

Rama Lake

Rama Lake in Herzegovina. Tamara and I have made a conscious decision to be more like tourists when travelling around the Western Balkans (whether that be in our local area… Read More

Cabbage Week in the Village

Winter Cabbages

Winter Cabbages. Starting to get ready for winter. It’s not cold yet here in the village. It’s getting chilly especially as evening approaches but not COLD (like it’s going to… Read More

Zimsko Prelo – Winter Spinning

Zimsko Prelo

Yesterday I spent the evening in Gornje Piskavice, a village hidden away in the hills to the east of Banja Luka. My friends at Mondo BiH thought I might find a… Read More

The end of a Balkan Autumn

The end of a Balkan Autumn

It’s coming to the end of a Balkan Autumn and the smell of burning leaves is everywhere at the moment. Leaves and broken and fallen branches being burned creates a… Read More

Can Bosnia and Herzegovina be kept clean

Can Bosnia and Herzegovina be kept clean

I often wonder about how many of us love watching travel programmes on TV (does anyone actually watch TV anymore?) or follow travel bloggers/writers. We seem to like to disappear… Read More