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Hristos se rodi – Serbian Orthodox Christmas

Serbian Orthodox Christmas

Serbian Orthodox Christmas. Its the 7th of January. Christmas Day in the Serbian Orthodox Church Calendar. We are in Banja Luka at Tamara’s parents apartment. Its just past midday and… Read More

Back to the Balkans on a Jet Plane.

Back to the Balkans

It’s always (for me at least), a time to reflect, when flying. I am not one of those travellers that can move around airports and aircraft with headphones on, listening… Read More

Compulsive App Addiction do I have it?

Compulsive App Addiction

I have had (am still having) a very disturbed night of sleep. It’s 0520hrs and I am worrying massively about my youngest daughter’s family move to New York.. It’s just… Read More

Beme an app to tell my Stories easier maybe.

Using Beme to tell my Stories.

When I return to the UK on family visits, I tend to reduce the level of my “public” social documentation of my life. Some things should remain private. I sign… Read More

A Short Trip Back to the UK

A Short Trip Back to the UK

It’s a Monday and so far I have been travelling since 0630hrs. First by bus from Laktaši to Zagreb. Then to Zagreb Airport and from there onto Heathrow via München.… Read More