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The New Zagreb Airport

New Zagreb Airport

New Zagreb Airport. Thursday. 0830. Coffee, Krafna and SMOKE, in the coffee bar adjacent to the Bus station in Zagreb. I still maintain that if Smoking was an Olympic sport,… Read More

Exploring Daruvar.

Exploring Daruvar

Exploring Daruvar. We take a short one and a half hour trip north, across the border into Croatia. We are off to explore the small town of Daruvar in Slavonija.… Read More

The Lipik Lippizzaners.

Lipik Lippizzaners

Lipik Lippizzaners. Count Izidor Jankovic built horse stables and established a Stud Farm on his estate in Lipik in The Stud Farm was authorized to become a national Stud Farm… Read More

Visiting Rama Lake in Herzegovina.

Rama Lake

Rama Lake in Herzegovina. Tamara and I have made a conscious decision to be more like tourists when travelling around the Western Balkans (whether that be in our local area… Read More

Cabbage Week in the Village

Winter Cabbages

Winter Cabbages. Starting to get ready for winter. It’s not cold yet here in the village. It’s getting chilly especially as evening approaches but not COLD (like it’s going to… Read More