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Happy St Georges Day from the Village.

Happy St Georges Day

Happy St Georges Day. As “An Englishman in the Balkans” today is a special day in my calendar. Today I will take things easy. Here are a few explanations about… Read More

Fast Internet in Rural Bosnia and Herzegovina

Fast Internet

How We Get Fast Internet. Its so difficult to get anything near Broadband speeds or quality as far as data is concerned here in the village. So, our solution has… Read More

Spring Cleaning in the Village

Spring Cleaning in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Spring Cleaning in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Well there’s been tons of work going on in the village. As a result of the drainage ditches and small streams being clogged with… Read More

Spring Pruning.

Spring Pruning

Spring Pruning. The thing is this. I am not the greatest fan of the cold. It reminds me too much of the wet, damp, miserable weather I remember of my… Read More

Skiing and Snowboarding in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


In these episodes of the Balkan Adventures Podcast, I find out about Skiing and Snowboarding on the┬áJahorina Mountain. I talk to ski and snow board instructors, and to some of… Read More