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Skiing and Snowboarding in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


In these episodes of the Balkan Adventures Podcast, I find out about Skiing and Snowboarding on the Jahorina Mountain. I talk to ski and snow board instructors, and to some of… Read More

How to Sarajevo | A City Guide

How to Sarajevo

How to Sarajevo. This is a Guest Post from Bruce Foster. When told that the people, culture, and history of Sarajevo were like an onion, I was intrigued.  But it… Read More

Trying out some New Video Equipment

New Video Equipment

New Video Equipment

. This vlog/video isn’t one of my finer creations I have to say but I believe we have too much “perfection” being published on social channels. Anyway. I… Read More

Snow Grind

Snow Grind

Snow Grind. A heavy overnight downfall of snow, compounded by 14 hours of no electricity. Clearing the snow as soon as possible and whenever possible, keeps our mobility options open.… Read More

Hristos se rodi – Serbian Orthodox Christmas

Serbian Orthodox Christmas

Serbian Orthodox Christmas. Its the 7th of January. Christmas Day in the Serbian Orthodox Church Calendar. We are in Banja Luka at Tamara’s parents apartment. Its just past midday and… Read More