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Happy St Georges Day from the Village.

Happy St Georges Day

Happy St Georges Day. As “An Englishman in the Balkans” today is a special day in my calendar. Today I will take things easy. Here are a few explanations about… Read More

Sarma. “Traditional Winter Food”.


Sarma. “Traditional Winter Food”. It’s 06 December, and today’s focus is packing for my flight tomorrow back to the UK. I am going back for an early Christmas catch up… Read More

Drones over Bosnia and Herzegovina

Drones over Bosnia and Herzegovina

As my blog about the Balkans slowly grows, I am starting to meet, both online and in “real life” some amazingly talented storytellers. Most are people with no formally journalistic… Read More

Balkan Food – Kotlić.


Living here in the north west of Bosnia and Herzegovina means that I am constantly exposed to the various traditional and cultural activities that pop up pretty unannounced from time… Read More

Digital Publishing from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Digital Publishing from Bosnia and Herzegovina

It’s dusk here in the village and after a warm, sunny Wednesday. I have my home office door open (it’s a small outbuilding) and the evening birdsong (dusk chorus), is… Read More