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The Montenegro Vlog 2017 | Season 1

Montenegro Vlog 2017

Montenegro Vlog 2017 Montenegro is a neighbour country to the south of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It’s size is small, with a population of just under 600,000. We have been visiting… Read More

A Day Out to the Lovćen National Park.

Lovcen National Park

A day out to the Lovcen National Park. Weather-wise, the early part of October in Montenegro can be a bit of a “hit and miss” affair. This year (2016), it… Read More

My Montenegro.

My Montenegro.

My Montenegro. Well, what a Difference a Day Makes. Today is the 6th October. Yes, early October in Montenegro can offer the weather without the crowds! Yesterday was wonderfully warm.… Read More

Montenegro Mission Fail !!!

Montenegro Mission Fail

Montenegro Mission Fail We have another two full days left of this trip to Montenegro. The past eight days have flown. Having said that, another 7-10 day visit is already… Read More

5 Things to do in Prčanj.

Things to do in Prcanj

5 Things to do in Prcanj. Tamara and I first came to Prčanj 4 years ago. We had been offered the use of a house of a close family friend,… Read More