The 10 Things I miss about British Christmas

The 10 Things I miss about British Christmas.

I have lived away from the United Kingdom now for over 17 years, and yes there are things I miss about a British Christmas.

I have tried to get back to celebrate Christmas with my children (and now grandchildren) as often as possible. Some years it hasn’t/couldn’t work.

This Christmas I will be celebrating both the Anglican/Catholic AND Orthodox Christmases here in north west Bosnia and Herzegovina, which I now class as my home.

I was recently asked what I miss about Christmas in the UK and what I like about my second Christmas (Orthodox Christmas.

I recorded a video with the first part of my answers, which were as follows:

(These ARE NOT in any priority or importance).

Things I miss about a British Christmas

1. Organising presents for the children under an amazingly decorated (real) Christmas Tree.

2. Laying out some sherry, mince pie and a carrot for Santa and Rudolf in Christmas Eve.

3. The Panic and sometimes chaos of roasting the Turkey on Christmas Morning.

4. “Lines” of Christmas cards hanging in the living and dining rooms.

5. Large Tables groaning with food mainly from home made recipes.

6. Pigs in Blankets, roast parsnips, cranberry and bacon rolls, Christmas pudding and mince pies.

7. The Queens Speech on TV.

8. Watching kids ripping open presents.

9. The sound of Christmas Carols.

10. Seeing all my children in the “Real World”, but Social Tools really help these days.

If you are reading this and you live far away from home, what do you miss at Christmas time?

10 Things I miss about a British Christmas

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