Tomato Sauce, Lamb, Flies and Briquettes

Tomato Sauce Lamb

Tomato Sauce, Lamb, Flies and Briquettes feature in todays vlog from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In this episode we make Tomato Sauce from the massive crop of “Toms” from Tam’s father’s organic garden.

Then it’s off to Banja Luka to enjoy some amazingly tasty spit roast lamb.

I just love lamb, especially from the area around the city, BUT taking my favourite mint Jelly is definitely a “No No”.

It’s a cultural train crash waiting to happen.

And getting back home the briquettes have arrived.

We use briquettes in our wood fired central heating system and wood burner in the living room, that keeps us toasty warm in the cold cold Autumn and winter months here.

Tomato Sauce Lamb

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