5 Typically British Things to Eat?

Typical British Things to Eat

Typical British Things to Eat.

So here’s my dilemma.

I have been asked to make a short video (4-5 minutes) about what Brits might typically eat and that viewers in the Balkans might be interesting in finding out more about and even try making for themselves.

Typically British Things to Eat

During a brief pre-production discussion “steak and kidney pie” raised its head.

“Do people really eat that” was the question posed.

Of course they do (at least in Britain they do), and it’s one of my favourites.

My partner, Tamara, gets almost physically sick just hearing about it.

I digress.

Typically British Things to Eat

It’s a reality that we Brits these days rather tend to favour Indian dishes such as Chicken Tikka than maybe the quintessential “fish and chips”.

So do I talk about Indian food?

Typically British Things to Eat

I have an idea of what I, as a southerner from the UK might recommend, but that might not be the best reflection of “British Cuisine”.

So, I need your help.

What 5 dishes should I recommend to my new, Balkan, audience?

Your help and tips would be so greatly appreciated.

5 Typical British Things to Eat

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