Hiking the Via Dinarica | An Adventurous Idea for 2017.

via dinarica

Hiking the Via Dinarica.

Back in 1990, I went to Ecuador, with a group of young British soldiers (I was in the army then), to climb the two highest volcanoes in Ecuador.

That trip was, in a way, a “Life Changer” for me, seeing that I had been paralysed from the neck down just over a year before.

The entire experience took me way out of my comfort zone.

It was amazing if not always pleasant, and I have to say, put me off high altitudes for life.

Recently i found out about the Via Dinaric trail, which, I think I could achieve, even as unfit.

I am going to start to plan this.

I am using Storify to create this post.

It would be great to hear what you think of having the occasional “curated post” here on the Blog 🙂

Hiking the Via Dinarica.

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