The Vienna-Banja Luka Music Connection.

The Vienna-Banja Luka Connection

The Vienna-Banja Luka Music Connection.

This is a “Throw Back” vlog to last July (2015).

Its a Friday in the village and extended family members who normally live in Vienna have dropped by.

Stiv “Steve” Mahmutovič (Tamara’s cousin) is a cool musician originally from Banja Luka (amongst other things), and has shared a video that he’s been involved with that reflects the multi-culti aspects of the population of Vienna.

That video is included into todays vlog.

I first met Stiv when I was part of the NATO Stabilisation Force (SFOR) back in 1999, when he and his band used to play in the officers mess on the base in Ramići, just outside Banja Luka.

Stiv has acquired an amazing English accent and it wasn’t till many years later when I had met Tamara, that I realised Stiv was actually a born and bred Banja Luka boy 🙂

Stiv subsequently left Banja Luka to work and live in Vienna, where he has established himself in the Vienna music scene.

Stiv and I are planning do some form of collaboration in 2016.

Watch this space.

The Vienna-Banja Luka Music Connection.

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