vlogging and blogging from bosnia and herzegovina

vlogging and blogging from bosnia and herzegovina

75 posts in and it’s time to sort of get things into perspective as far as this blog is concerned. That sounds crazy eh?

It’s time to actively start vlogging and blogging from Bosnia and Herzegovina in a more structured way.

I have started, stopped, started, stopped and relaunched attempts to have a blog so many times before. This is the longest I have ever kept a (the) blog going.

You see, I am lousy at the written word, maybe even lazy, and it’s that that always gets in the way, that wrecks my plans.

I read tons of other peoples blogs. I find blogs so cool to get new ideas, opinions, recommendations.

I also really do enjoy podcasting (I was a broadcaster for many years), videography (I am a rank newbee) and photography (where I am again a novice).

So what is soooo difficult in putting all these activities together, in one place, where I can write (talk and show) my passions?

I really am unsure, but I am determined to somehow get over the inertia and make a success of it.

Yes, there will be video posts as well as my random podcasts featured, but the aim of the blog is to show you the life I lead here in the western Balkans, with all of its rich culture and dysfunctionality.

There’s so much advice on what I should and shouldn’t do courtesy of Bing and Google.

Some of the best advice I found, by chance, (and by far the most realistic) was given by the Living In Another Language blog and Adventures of a London Kiwi

But ultimately it’s me thats got to take that dive into waters unknown (I am terrified of water BTW).

So if you are reading this, what advice do you have for me? what would you like to find out about from not only Bosnia and Herzegovina but the other neighbouring countries?

It would be cool to get some feedback (whether good or bad).

Maybe leave a comment below?

Right then.

Time to post this and start to organise things a little.

vlogging and blogging from bosnia and herzegovina

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  1. Dara Picard Evilmorning

    Hey, David 🙂 I had my starting-stopping love-hate, call it whatever you like, relationship with my blog. I really understand you in that part. From my experience the most difficult thing (call it a “challenge” but it’s a problem :D) was – commitment. For 2 years I didn’t wanted to be recognized as a blogger. What really helped me was some kind of mentorship. I had Cyberbosanka (google her) for all kind questions and inner dialogs, and it helped me. To have someone as a support. Inertia says you don’t have passion for something, but not always. Maybe you should ask yourself about it.
    After this dissertation, my answer is – I would like to hear small things about your life here. Why did you stayed here? If you can change something what would it be? Why didn’t you learn serbian/croatian/bosnian/borgian (from Star trek) laguage? Maybe write some small lecture posts about idioms? Maybe about plain phrases? What about culture? How an Englishman sees us? …

    Ok.I think this is enough for my first comment. Sorry for Indian English. 🙂
    And if you like, you can visit my blog at karadara.net. There you can meet me and see who I am 🙂

  2. Hi D,

    Big apologies for my late reply.

    I am feeling rather lethargic at the moment.

    Maybe because of our recent weather.

    I took up your advice and have started to interact with some other bloggers and I am not alone.

    Group therapy is whats needed, without a doubt.

    I have made a list of your suggestions as regards content that I could write about, and thats in the planning stages.

    Doesn’t seem to be too many other people (non Balkan people) who seem interested in promoting the country/area/region so fingers crossed that will play to my advantage.

    Popped over and took a peak at your blog. Cool!

    I might need to invest in some coffee to discuss blogging further with you,

    Lets keep in touch?

    Networking is where it’s at in the 21st century.


    Me 🙂

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