What would YOU like to see on this Blog?

What would YOU like to see

What would YOU like to see

This past week has been extremely interesting for me here in my digital world.

As you may know (if you are a regular reader/visitor), I recently produced my third vlog about personalities from the area where I live.

It’s an exciting and challenging development for me.

I think it’s an important part of what I want to achieve.

Each of those posts has resulted in more “local” and “regional” followers joining me either on Facebook, YouTube or the Blog here.

To be honest it’s been rather humbling.

So now my consideration is, “what type of posts do you want to see here?”

My initial intent was to create content for a non Balkan following, but this might no longer be the case.

Maybe some kind of “Mashup” is needed.

I am at a loss.

Your thoughts, comments and reactions would really help me develop.

My only constraints are, that I don’t do politics/religion, and English would be the language I would use.

I really look forward to your feedback.

Thanks a lot, Hvala Puno!

What would YOU like to see

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