Cabbage Week in the Village

Winter Cabbages

Winter Cabbages.

Starting to get ready for winter.

It’s not cold yet here in the village. It’s getting chilly especially as evening approaches but not COLD (like it’s going to be).

Growing up in the Home Counties of England the change in seasons was marked by the weather and TV/Sports schedules.

Although I travelled a lot, having to take some time and effort to prepare food for “winter” never had an impact on me.

Never dawned on me.

These past years living in rural Bosnia and Herzegovina have been both calming and educational.

Although not green fingered, I have watched vegetables being planted and harvested. I have seen the sometimes back breaking effort that goes into “organic”.

I have definitely enjoyed eating the results of those efforts.

The past week has seen two days of “cabbage pickling”.

The cabbages are lightly trimmed, treated with salt and then submerged into huge barrels to ferment.

These cabbages when ready will be used to make “Sarma“, one of, if not THE, winter meal I love the most.

The last of the chilli peppers, bell peppers, and tomatoes have already been “treated” and preserved for winter too.

The grapes? Well we have 30 litres of home-made wine.

All that seems to be left is the fermenting plums and apples, that will shortly be turned into domestic brandy.

That story comes to a blogpost near you soon 🙂

Winter Cabbages.

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